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There always seems to be something that trips us up rather consistently. Sometimes we see it coming and at other times, it just seems to come out of nowhere. We need to learn to not be oblivious to our enemy’s strategies. Take a look at 2 Corinthians 2:11 for Paul’s comments.

1 Corinthians 15:34 challenges us at the core of why we need to deal with the persistent hard stuff in life rather than live in the hamster cage lifestyle that is so easy to stay in. Paul reminds us to come to our senses and stop repeating the consistent sin that keeps us from moving forward. This behavior also detracts from those who are really trying to grab some joy in life but can’t find the formula.

To not adopt the habit of dealing with that sin, failure, or hard stuff only guarantees doing it again, and tripping up those hoping to find something different in us to give them hope.

Doing some things over and over often does provide beneficial results, but with that nasty habit or worthless sin pattern, it must end or the hole we’re digging gets deeper.

WHAT THIS MEANS: We always have choices to either go forward or backward. We don’t stay in the same place. What could you do this week to really deal with that sin that keeps winning in your life?

Sometimes there are a couple of life events that come out of nowhere and all you want to do is hide. Much of the time life deals us the same stuff that doesn’t sneak up on us, but takes its’ toll and smiling and dancing are easily tucked away in the closet.

The song goes “…we can dance if we want to, we can leave your friends behind…” It’s a forgotten truth, but we can rejoice and express our joy in dance or in whatever expresses the gift God places in our heart.

Habakkuk 3:17-19 expresses a response to an agricultural disaster we can learn from, even if we don’t live on a farm. This guy’s going to party and celebrate God regardless. Is it a reckless choice he makes or does he know something else?

Even Paul shares his story, with a strange response to the hard stuff of life. Check out 2 Corinthians 1:8-9. God taught him to trust Him totally, which wasn’t a bad idea since God can raise dead people. Paul even said it couldn’t get any better than this.

How do you get to this kind of place? Is it reserved just for people who made it into the Bible?

WHAT THIS MEANS: When we choose to believe God really is who He says He is and means what He says about life stuff, we have the freedom to dance whenever. Satan can try to  cancel the party, but he can’t touch our joy. It’s about choice.

Have you ever read a book about somewhere in a country, say like Siberia and thought you really learned some significant things about it? It’s true that we can learn from reading, but taking a trip to wherever, well, you know.

I had seen pictures and read a little about Siberia but hadn’t heard about throat singing. But on a trip to southern Siberia once, I met a man who gave us a demonstration. Extreme is about all I could say about it. I wondered if it was demonic.

In Joshua 1:9 and following is the story of Joshua and his opportunity to lead Israel into a place they may have only dreamed about. But the story begins with God telling Joshua he would need to be brave and take risks to get there. It would be worth it. Message received!

Has God ever put something in your life track so that you had to really think about whether it would be worth packing up and going? What if…? The “what if’s” steal much of the beauty of what God wants us to experience. Bravery unlocks the door, but fear has a way of losing the key to that door.

WHAT THIS MEANS: When God puts you in a place where you could experience something forever impacting but it requires courage and risk, by all means grab those keys and unlock that door. Don’t live with regret.