What’s Behind that door? Experience is the best teacher, but it requires bravery and risk.

Posted: April 2, 2016 in Uncategorized

Have you ever read a book about somewhere in a country, say like Siberia and thought you really learned some significant things about it? It’s true that we can learn from reading, but taking a trip to wherever, well, you know.

I had seen pictures and read a little about Siberia but hadn’t heard about throat singing. But on a trip to southern Siberia once, I met a man who gave us a demonstration. Extreme is about all I could say about it. I wondered if it was demonic.

In Joshua 1:9 and following is the story of Joshua and his opportunity to lead Israel into a place they may have only dreamed about. But the story begins with God telling Joshua he would need to be brave and take risks to get there. It would be worth it. Message received!

Has God ever put something in your life track so that you had to really think about whether it would be worth packing up and going? What if…? The “what if’s” steal much of the beauty of what God wants us to experience. Bravery unlocks the door, but fear has a way of losing the key to that door.

WHAT THIS MEANS: When God puts you in a place where you could experience something forever impacting but it requires courage and risk, by all means grab those keys and unlock that door. Don’t live with regret.

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