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Everyone lives with questions every week. “When are you going to take out the trash? What time are we going? What are you wearing tomorrow?” These questions really make us dig deep, right? No, and they are quickly forgotten and are almost irrelevant to many of us.

Then, there are the questions we would just as soon avoid. Questions like “What does it look like to practice love with these people? What benefit will it be for me  to get into that small group studying the Bible?” These questions remove some shallowness seen in the first set of questions.

Oh, and one more-“What is enough?” This question is one that really changes everything. Philippians 4:11-13 are verses that raise this question for us. How do we get to a place where we can say and mean it that we have enough? When we can say “I have enough”, we are finally free. We are free from the culture’s insistence that just having this thing and we’ll be happy, satisfied or whatever.

Paul is absolute in saying he “learned” to be content. Being thankful is one of the roads that leads to contentment and making it easier to say “I have enough.” Listen to Paul’s conclusion to Philippians 4 in The Word on the Street “The generosity of the Boss, Jesus the Liberator, soak into your soul. Absolutely!”

WHAT THIS MEANS: Can you say with Paul that you have learned the secret of being content? What holds you back from wanting to get to this place? Give more away this week to someone in need.

Whatever we do, we should avoid being average or normal when it comes to the pattern of our culture. 2 Timothy 2:3-4 in The Word on the Street in part says “…trained  combat teams don’t get sucked into the daily soap opera of normal life…” Perhaps part of the issue for most “Christians” is that most haven’t been trained prior to engaging our culture.

Think about it. How much training, preparation or whatever did you receive in school, from parents or a Christian college community that really helped you deal with the jungle of our 21st century culture? The Message further adds on to the Timothy verses-“A soldier on duty doesn’t get caught up in making deals in the marketplace.”

Where can you live where this is not the accepted lifestyle of people who are involved or not involved in church and the Christian way of life? We so easily get involved in political and various social issues that our lives get increasingly complicated. Some issues are worth our time, that’s for sure but Jesus faced some of the same challenges with a different focus.

Matthew 6:33 and 28:18-2o are a focus that we must have if we are to avoid the traps of our “normal” Christian life these days.

WHAT THIS MEANS: Take a deeper look at how Jesus and his followers lived. What focus do you see with them that you need to have more firmly in place in your life? How can you begin to avoid being more traded in our culture’s persistent pull?