Cracked Infrastructure. Learning without application, exposes foundational issues.

Posted: June 4, 2016 in Uncategorized

It was recently discovered that a house built in the foothills of Boise had a crack in the foundation. The hill had settled and caused the damage. It may take a little while to discover flaws in a foundation. An earthquake can expose them quickly, but rain over a few years eventually can do the same thing. Either way, something could be incomplete in the construction.

No one would want to purchase the house mentioned above until the issue is resolved. What about spiritual growth? We can easily accept learning information about the Bible without dealing with it in our life. Just as we wouldn’t want to live in the house with an exposed flaw in the foundation, we shouldn’t settle for learning Biblical facts without seeing a change in our life.

In John 13:17 Jesus is clear that the benefit for us is not in knowing what he said, but rather practicing what he said. He spoke about this also in Matthew 7:24-25 using another analogy. The Message speaks about “incidental additions” we can make in our lives that don’t change anything in our attitudes or character. They only have an appearance of change. James 1:25 also in the Message speaks about how distractions can derail us in practicing what matters.

WHAT THIS MEANS: Take a hard look at your life this week and ask the Holy Spirit to show you if you are practicing what you have studied and maybe even memorized. What hangs you up in making an application of the Word? What distracts you from getting serious about practicing what you know?

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