No One Will Believe Me. You can’t stop knowing or seeing something if you know and have seen it.

Posted: June 18, 2016 in Uncategorized

Memories are interesting. The older I get, it seems my life has become more uncluttered. What that really means is that I don’t remember a lot of things. But there are some things I know, have seen and experienced, that will always be ingrained in my memory. I can see them in my mind’s eye.

The early followers of Jesus had a unique place in history. They actually saw, listened to and talked life with Jesus. We get to read about it. The first verses of 1 John 1 say it like this in The Word on the Street “I’ve seen the Real Thing. He was around way back before history heard the starting gun. I was there! I heard him, clocked my eyes on him…we’d share in court that he’s the genuine article.”

There was no way they would be talked out of the stories they must have repeated many times to people. We haven’t seen Jesus like these guys did, but we can know him and see who he is anyway. Once we know and see, we are changed and we can’t decide we never knew or saw the truth that walked around the middle east. We can’t go back!

WHAT THIS MEANS: Keep making memories of Jesus events in your life. Google Maps can’t diagram this destination and once we begin the trip, we “know and see” and build a memory for a lifetime.

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