Gloves, Mud and Life. We are intended to hang out, be connected with, and be absolutely real with people.

Posted: July 16, 2016 in Uncategorized

The verses are Philippians 2:5-8. They are exciting to read, greatly encouraging and severely challenging, but essential to live by. Look at part of it in The Word on the Street “…he checked his global contacts list, walked off without his body-guards. He unplugged his airwave connection, left his precious star collection, He said,”I give it up.” And took up a new role-a role well below him. He became flesh and blood, skin and bone, and stepped down from his heavenly throne to his new earth home as a normal guy…”

This is great news, but also sets the bar high for us if we intend to make any difference in people’s lives God sets in front of us. We don’t mind inviting people to a church service (although that seems to be risky), but influencing people to consider Jesus is a whole new ball game.

Jesus’ time with people was “everyday.” Our waving a couple of times as we drive off to whatever, doesn’t quite measure up to influencing anyone to think about Jesus. Our Christian life should not be lived separated from daily life  with people. We need a little “gloves, mud and normal life ” with them.

WHAT THIS MEANS: How can you and I carve out time to really live and get to know what our neighbors had for dinner last night? Can we really get that close to them? Plan on talking with or having coffee or a glass of wine with a neighbor this week.





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