The Power of 2 Letters. An obstacle or objection is all it takes to end obedience.

Posted: July 23, 2016 in Uncategorized

The two letters “i” and “n” can be powerful or insignificant, but if tacked on to the word “convenient”, everything changes. Convenient can mean close, agreeable, or easy. It usually implies comfortable.

Now, think about out obedience for a while. We like to use it to refer to kids listening and doing what a parent says. It’s a little more challenging to be the one in the focus. We have all kinds of ways of skirting around this word or issue when the focus is on us. We’re ok with going the mile required, but what about the second mile? Check out Matthew 5:38-48.

We don’t grasp the implications of the gospel if we define when obedience ends and inconvenience wakes up. Judges 21:25 in The Word on the Street says “These days, with no king to call the shots, everyone does their own thing, if it feels right, just do it.”

In the movie “Field of Dreams”, the challenge then was “go the distance.” Obedience defined correctly “goes the distance.” Barnabas and Paul and some other men were men who “risked their lives” to help others know Jesus. Check out Acts 15:26.

WHAT THIS MEANS: Never add conditions to obeying God. Don’t limit what God wants to do through your life by adding “in” to convenient when you think of living the gospel. Keep track of the “second mile” opportunities God gives you and get some better walking shoes.

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