Contrasting Voices. Yelling usually amplifies ignorance, but a whisper often enlarges wisdom.

Posted: August 20, 2016 in Uncategorized

Excitement often raises the volume, but it often has an effect of people wanting to get away fast. We may think that the louder you speak, the more you have to say and people should listen up. For sure, there are times we need to speak up to emphasize something, but we shouldn’t mistake volume for intelligence or truth.

The story is dramatic and the verses are 1 Kings 19:11-13. Elijah was ready to let God yell it out in no uncertain terms and sure enough a Wyoming wind tore through and shattered stuff. Then a California earthquake hit, then a fire, but God was absent in all this. Then…a gentle whisper “…what are you doing here Elijah?”

Life, pain, betrayal, reasonable, etc. all scream at us with explicit instructions on how to live, what’s important, when to move, who to believe… These are accepted by the majority, but when did majority overrule truth? Jesus was certainly in the minority for all of his life.

The deal is that we have to be in a quiet place to hear a whisper. It’s much easier to keep the music on, especially if it’s “Third Day” right?

WHAT THIS MEANS: The issue  is “how badly do we really want to hear what God says about how we’re living?” What reasonable explanations do you and I have for continuing to live like the majority? When Jesus said “follow me”, it changed everything for a few men. The word “minority” was introduced to them.

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