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Maybe it’s a book you ordered that you couldn’t put down after two hours of reading or it could have been that conversation, you know the one you weren’t expecting, but it seems to have changed everything…for you!

What do you do when something you thought was true or right has been displaced in an instance and you never expected that? Somehow the disciples and others Jesus hung with had experiences like that and they almost seemed routine after a while.

Take Mark 4:35-41 for example. Jesus is out for an evening sail with the main guys and a storm threatens to keep them under water for a long time. Jesus is sleeping. The disciples are scared. The Word on the Street is beautiful here. “…Some of the team go down and shake Jesus. Boss, you not bothered if we drown or what?” Jesus gets up and says “…Whoa! Calm down, that’s enough! The wind holds its breath and the waves sulk like told-off toddlers.” The team wonders who this guy is. Everything is changing.

WHAT THIS MEANS: When is the last time you had a conversation with someone and afterwards you realized you had to make a real change in how you thought or how it would alter your perspective on life? When did your life or conversation do that with someone else? Something may seem strange but if it is biblical, you’ve got to deal with it.