Lethal Attraction – Is our life different enough that it raises questions and curiosity in others?

Posted: March 11, 2017 in Uncategorized

What is it that causes you to hang on every word as you listen to someone describe a trip they took, an encounter they had, or something they’ve been thinking about? It raised questions or challenged old explanations you had held, but there was just something that caused you to think in a way you never had before.

Conversations Jesus had were not alarming for him, but for those hearing him, they were moved to anger or an alarming expectation that this is what they had been looking for, a long time. Check out Matthew 7:28-29 in the Message translation and John 7:45-46.

WHAT THIS MEANS: Our life and what we talk about should cause people to pause and consider what they are hearing and seeing in us. People around us are trying to figure out life. Give them something they’ve never thought about.

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