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How would you like to carry around a 50 pound weight for 5 years? That weight might be a problem we know we have but won’t deal with. Why do we do this? Matthew 11:28 and 29 show us that we don’t have to carry this weight. Our greatest fear might be that God will show us the reason why we don’t deal with this and then we will have to change something in our life. But why are we unwilling to change when we know God has our best interest in mind? He promises real life and rest. We need to come clean as to why we hold on to the weight.

Some issues are so entrenched within us we can’t think of living any other way. And to change…well let’s just say the camel going through the eye of the needle would be easier. Jesus dealt with a well-meaning guy who was able to buy whatever car, house or gadget or chariot in his day because he was in the top 1% when it came to wealth. In Mark 10:21 Jesus puts a dagger in this guy’s heart-“sell it all, give it to those needing it and then come follow me.” Jesus knew this was the idol that kept him from following Rule 1-“no gods before me.”

Do we really want to know and learn how to deal with that problem that always keeps tripping us up? Why not take Jesus at his word and get rid of the weight?

Focus (German magazine)

Focus (German magazine) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

What if you found an old coin that was from some other country and since you could barely read it and definitely couldn’t spend it at any store, you tossed it into the trash thinking “what a useless piece of metal.” Then you read about someone finding that very coin, cleaned it up a bit and took it to a coin dealer who was so startled he almost fell out of his chair. The coin dealer knew this was a very valuable piece of metal that would allow someone to retire before reaching 50 years of age.

We frequently do this with a verse of scripture thinking either it has no applicable meaning for us today or it is just something too difficult to understand. What if this verse had some meaning we desperately need to understand and deal with in our culture?

Take for example Luke 9:58. We may have casually read the part that says “…the Son of man, has no place to lay his head” and quickly dismiss a significant statement that is pregnant with essential truth for us in this generation.

Jesus was homeless but always had a place to sleep. So why is this included in our Bible? We say we are following Jesus so where should our focus be if we are following a homeless man? The attractions of Jesus’ world were definitely different than ours but the truth is the same. This is not talking about selling our house and getting rid of everything in it (although it could), but rather it is talking about our focus in life that must be on what Jesus being homeless represents. Nothing in our culture will dominate our focus if we are following Jesus. If we are focused on our home, style of car, trips to take, a certain sports team, or the latest thing on sale we really don’t need, it can easily become idolatry.

We should not throw out scripture that doesn’t seem to relate to us, it may be more significant than we think. Don’t discard it when you really know that to act on it will change your lifestyle. Would we really want Jesus to show up to our small group and ask us if we wanted him to tell us what he had in mind for us and how we should be living today? Is that scary or exciting?