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What do you think of when you hear something like You crossed the line bro.”? You might think someone just said something they are going to regret later and if not, it is definitely going to keep two people from traveling together in a car across the country.

But wait…maybe the comment wasn’t offensive but alarmingly honest. Maybe the person making the comment was way more real than the other person expected. What if it was a question no one had dared to ask before?

Think about Proverbs 27:17…Does someone have your best interest in mind and are willing to risk everything to help you become all that God wants for you? Or, John 13:34,35…If someone really loves you they will sometimes show it with questions or statements that not only make you think but also cause you to want to change or correct something in your life.

Every statement Jesus made always had the other person’s best interest in mind even though it might hurt to hear. He was willing to cross the line and not settle for a shallow relationship.

Who do you have in your life willing to ask you hard questions or risk telling you the truth? Make it easy for them to cross the line. Are you willing to let someone be so real that you can’t play your “which shell is the pea under” game with them anymore?

They are born in a river, then grow up in the ocean and then do something that makes you wonder. Why are they swimming up river in the last act of their life cycle? What the spank are they thinking? They know exactly what they are doing. I suppose if you could ask them as they make this weird trip “why are you going upstream, none of the other fish are going in this direction”, would they even answer? What they know and will not be talked out of is that they are about to lay many eggs from which maybe 10 adult salmon will survive. After that, their life is over.

If God is leading you in a direction that your friends and churches are questioning and are not willing to go, don’t hesitate to go with passion when you know it is right. Jesus modeled life that most religious types were not willing to follow. They opposed him. He knew the outcome of what he was doing.

Mark 9:35  A different direction on Leadership

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John 12:23-25  The ultimate “What are you thinking?” question …and answer

Get Real!

Posted: October 6, 2012 in Church, Community, Courage, Fear, Honesty, Risk

“I’m not sure I want it but even if I did, I don’t think I want to pay that much.” We might say this about some stuff we would like to buy but there is the cost…too much.

What about acceptance, forgiveness or love? We are hungering for it but often are not willing to eliminate dishonesty required to get it. We will tell some of the truth but we have a line which we will not cross in talking about what is really going on in our life. Do we really want a community in which we can put all our thoughts out there with others, knowing they would still want to get coffee with us?

Psalm 15:2, Proverbs 27:17, Ephesians 4:25 and Colossians 3:9 should give us motivation to be real with people.

“He’s such a popular guy, everyone likes him, I can’t wait until he gets here, and the jokes he tells…”-quote seen  in the Jerusalem Post  in  AD 32. Wait, who are they talking about? “This guy has to be stopped, he is ruining everything we have tried to build and he discredits our tradition…and us, look who he is hanging with now.” Now, who said this?

One thing is certain-Jesus was loved or hated. There was no middle ground. He never allowed that. He cared too much for those looking for a way out of the multiple jails they had been put into by the religious people of their day as well as what life had dictated. They knew he didn’t approve of their lifestyle but he always showed up at “happy hour” to be with them.

To make an impact with people outside of the Christian sub-culture we are going to have to be embedded in the culture of the world. This does not include compromise but rather association.

Take a peek at Matthew 11:19 and Luke 7:39; 19:5-7. Do you need to change anything in your routine to follow Jesus in this aspect of life?

Why is being or playing it “safe” the accepted mantra of many Christians today? Jesus was always in tight places and disappearing in crowds because what he told people disturbed their safe religious games.

The early followers of Jesus were so captivated by the truth Jesus filled their hearts with that they were more than willing to risk their reputation, being misunderstood or losing their lives in order to make a difference in their culture.

Following Jesus or our culturally accepted  lifestyles are in direct opposition. Check out an early Rock Star who followed Jesus in Acts 14: 1-7 and 19-20. Have you dodged any stones lately?