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It may be a stretch to think of the Bible as a database but it does contain everything needed to not only survive life but also to find it.

John 10:10-the enemy’s threats (stealing, killing and destroying) are a clever attempt to persuade us that the point of life has nothing to do with God. On the other hand, Jesus offers an invitation that if accepted results in a definition of life not found in any of our dictionaries. It’s so amazing that any attempt to define it would be irrational. Our most advanced computers would not be able to download the complete definition.

In John 14:6, Jesus invites us to meet his dad. He wants to introduce him to us. God has both challenging expectations and peaceful rest for those burnt out on religion or who are worn out from trying to keep the right spiritual formulas. When you throw in John 17:3 you realize this database (aka the Bible) is what introduces us to and grows our relationship with the God who began the whole thing. Let that sink in!

This is the invitation that defines the kind of life God is offering everyone.

What are some of the thieves and destroyers of this life that satan has used in your life? Think of 2 Corinthians 10:5 and write down some of those inadequate philosophies, religious boxes that can’t hold the truth and deceptive fantasies. Get with someone and discuss what it means to take the enemies lies captive.

When I was at Texas A & M in 1961, freshmen in the corps of cadets were not allowed to walk or stand on the grass-strictly an upper classman privilege. But what if it was not allowed in your neighborhood or apartment complex? It wouldn’t make sense and your friends would probably move on. They certainly wouldn’t visit you in your neighborhood.

What do you think those who aren’t going to check out our church meetings have concluded about in their words “our religious clubs” that steal all of the joy out of life? Maybe it’s the dress code to get in, or the rules about what you can;t do on a certain day, or that you better not have a wine bottle in your fridge at home or some other rule that really doesn’t make sense to them (or to Jesus for that matter).

We can do a lot to ease the concerns of those not following Jesus by removing barriers to their exploring the truth that is not misrepresented as rules that must be obeyed or else. We could start by inviting them to the group that meets in our house for a meal and a beer if they would like one as well as a practical discussion of how following Jesus makes a difference at work, in the pickup basketball game  or how we raise kids. Help remove the conclusions those not following Jesus have about church by enjoying life with them both in your house and theirs. Remember  that Jesus never compromised anything and they called him their friend.

Further ideas can be seen in Matthew 15: 8 & 9, John 10:10 and Acts 15:28 & 29.

English: Bottle of wine.

English: Bottle of wine. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)