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Everything we do must have a point. If there is no point, life is emptied of its exhilaration. That rush of anticipation of what might come next is thrown away and life becomes a cheap imitation. This is lived out every day in every country, in every city and on every street. It has pervaded our lives and is beyond measure.

Paul addressed this masterful deception our enemy has saturated our cultures with and nowhere is it more widespread than in the American culture. In 2 Corinthians 10:12 the gauntlet is thrown down by Paul. Paul is issuing a challenge to each one of us every day. This is a  “dog eat dog” world now, as it was then. The world doesn’t fight fair. We also try everything to fit in by comparing, grading and competing. We have targeted audiences that we must be accepted into regardless of what compromise we must make or injury we might cause someone else.

As followers of Jesus we have been trusted by God to let the world see that Jesus isn’t a word of explanation used by people at athletic events or when we just feel we have been hammered by someone. Jesus stood out in His culture and when we try to fit in, the people we have the opportunity to influence have just been robbed from seeing the real Jesus.

People are really looking for someone to be real and take a genuine interest in them. Ask God to show you how to live in such a way that people will be curious and ask you why you’re not like their other friends.


RECOGNIZE! (Photo credit: afagen)

A couple of weeks ago my wife and I were at the Village at Meridian in Meridian, Idaho. We were sitting outside watching people and the amazing fountains there. Oh, we were also having a Starbucks coffee. Everything was normal, then a person came up to ask where we got the Starbucks. There is not Starbucks at the Village so we told them we picked it up on the way. Before not too much time went by 4 other people asked us the same question. I turned to my wife and said “they recognize the Starbucks cups.”

Then I wondered if people recognize Jesus in our everyday lives like they recognize these cups. According to 2 Corinthians 2:14-16 when Jesus is in our lives as the boss, people are going to see the difference He makes. Take the Word on the Street here: “…we walk into a room and people’s heads turn: they get a sense of something different…” They disagree about the implications but they agree that this is different.

In Acts 4:13 we get a strong clue as to why people notice difference. Peter and John had been with Jesus and the religious guys knew it. When you and I are developing a close friendship with Jesus, people can’t help but see that something’s different about us. Maybe it’s how we show interest in them when others don’t or a question we asked that got them thinking about stuff they had never thought about before.

Jesus in our life should be more recognizable than a coffee cup from Starbucks is to people. How can you arouse the curiosity in someone’s life this week? Is there some way you could serve someone this week and they might associate it with your knowing Jesus?