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Why is it so difficult for people to believe Jesus is real, is alive, deeply cares for them and wants to be active in helping them navigate life?

For many outside the religious zones, Christianity is seen as one among many and is totally confusing due to the misrepresentation they see in the inconsistent lives of so many church people. They would love to believe in something that makes sense.

We have the opportunity and responsibility to live lives among people in such a way that they leave our conversation with something that is stirring in their heart, that for some reason they think they might really be on to something. They long to view a person’s life that is so real that it screams “this is right.” If we want to erase the doubt and hesitation of others to believe the truth about Jesus, it is not difficult but it is costly. They want to know that this stuff we talk about works on Monday morning on the job and Saturday evening at the party.

When you look at 2 Timothy 3:16 and 17 along with 2 Corinthians 2:15, it is obvious that you and I need to be immersed in real life with people and realize that when they see us love when they would hate, encourage when they would just leave, stand when they would give in or get angry… When our questions point to what really matters and raises such a curiosity, they will want to hang with us as long as we can stay awake.

What keeps you hiding who you really are? Why not begin to be real with a few people this week and see what happens?

In House Hunters International (TV show) I have noticed how often people in selecting a house make the same comment”I don’t like the neighbors being so close.” Disturbing our insatiable commitment to privacy keeps people at a distance. However, we can impress people from a distance but only impact them up close.

So who do we need in our life? And what needs to happen in us so we are the kind of people others need in their life? There is a word that describes this person. It is not popular, goes against the American steam of thought, and hardly ever comes up in conversation with Christians. The world is Brokenness. This describes people who are open about their sin, and protection and loss are not part of their vocabulary. 

These are people who know that to share where they get tripped up offends some but encourages others. these ar

Neighbors Know My Name

Neighbors Know My Name (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

While volunteering at a homeless shelter I noticed that the people we served meals to had nothing to hide and they certainly had nothing to lose. It was totally refreshing. James 5:16 is such a strong verse that we usually avoid it at all costs. Some things are better not said so we don’t disrupt the group right? The truth is you can spot a person God has broken. They walk with a limp, have nothing to prove and are the most significant people we can have in our lives. Isaiah speaks about this in Isaiah 66:1 &2.

Share something in your life with someone that will be hard for you to speak about but will probably greatly encourage them.

Thomas and Sarah at The Ritz Hotel

Thomas and Sarah at The Ritz Hotel (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

One popular slang expression in the 1920’s was “putting on the Ritz” meaning to dress very fashionably and was inspired from the apparently very fine Ritz Hotel. We do like people to see us at our best, to think we are really some cool dude, or that we have it all together. But usually that is as deep as it goes. No way they are going to see what we just thought about while we were at that last party or the glance we just gave their spouse. We’re not taking off the Ritz!

For most of us, being close only equals showing up for the church group meeting or the small group. We might even contribute an idea that causes people to think we’re special. That really is what being real and authentic is about, right? Our intellect is on display for them but not our heart. If we only talk about how great our week went, we tend to be in competition with each other. But when we share how we really blew it last night, we have a chance to become part of a family.

James 5:16 in the Message starts off “Make this your common practice: Confess your sins to each other…” It results in living together in considerably deeper water. Being real opens the door; consistently being real allows people to sit together on the couch  sharing things that really matter.

Are you sitting on the couch or standing by the door?  Is courage in your vocabulary?