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It was an early Sunday morning when I looked outside at the trees beginning to bend with the wind and turned on the radio. A hurricane was churning 90 miles South of Mobile, Alabama. It was considered small but intense heading north. Many people along the Mississippi coast had hurricane parties as the storm began to turn northwest towards them. The storm devastated the coast, grounded large ships on the beach and killed many. It was the third most powerful hurricane to hit the United States. The forecasters and people along the beach underestimated its’ power.

Our enemy may appear to be sleeping or on vacation at times and we can easily drop our guard, but we should never underestimate who we are dealing with. After all, he has quite a bit of experience. However, we should be encouraged and strengthened by the truth that “…he who is in you is greater than the one who is in the world.” (1 John 4:4) And 1 John 3:8 also assures us that Jesus showed up to destroy satan’s work. Satan is bankrupt but refuses to admit it and continues to sell lies through publications, people, as well as his very clever but destructive web sites.

We must deal with his tactics immediately by nailing the gate shut. Isaiah 28:6 reminds us to turn back the battle which begins in our mind. We need to put a “No Trespassing” warning on the many entrances our enemy uses to defeat us. 1 Peter 5:8 should be adequate warning for us that satan has only one thing on his mind-to ruin and destroy us. Just say no!

So, how else can we guard against our enemy? Scripture memory is huge-satan knows the Bible well and when we quote scripture to him, he leaves without leaving a note.

Why not brainstorm with a few friends who are committed to not allowing satan to buy any more property in their lives and are consistently taking every thought captive to obey Jesus.

Sometimes I believe we wish some stories were not in the Bible. Genesis 39 contains one of those stories that on one hand we are glad it’s there, but on the other hand it puts us into an uncomfortable place of realizing that God intends each of us to get to that same place Joseph got to.

You see, we can resolve over and over that we’re going to win in a persistent temptation the enemy throws at us where he ends up laughing most of the time. He is not at all concerned in our determination to resist because he has decades of experience and has conceived of unlimited strategies to defeat us in this first step.

Is it even possible to get to step two when we usually slip on the dance floor on step one? I am glad Genesis 39 is in the Bible, because it speaks to a place we can get to just like Joseph did with the “bored housewife.” Sexual temptations are not the only area satan has a field day wit us because there are so many others. He knows that we can come to a place where we step over a line and trust God to such a point that our motivation is for God’s glory to reign in our life more than the limited pleasures he uses to destroy us. This is part of the freedom Jesus offers us and we can experience it every day.

Do you get tired of using the excuse of “God knows we are just human” when it comes to being defeated? Learn to do the “two step” and experience that freedom Jesus promised.